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Ancient Civilizations in Pakistan MCQs with Answers

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Pakistan is home to several ancient civilizations, some of which are among the earliest in the world. These civilizations have left behind remarkable archaeological sites and artifacts that provide insights into ancient cultures and societies. Here are some of the notable ancient civilizations in Pakistan:

Indus Valley Civilization (Harappan Civilization): The Indus Valley Civilization flourished in the Indus River basin and adjacent regions from around 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE. Major sites of this civilization in Pakistan include Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Ganeriwala, and Mehrgarh.

Gandhara Civilization: The Gandhara Civilization emerged around the 6th century BCE in the region that is now parts of northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. It was influenced by Persian, Greek, and Indian cultures.

Vedic Civilization: The Vedic period in South Asia is associated with the arrival of the Indo-Aryans and the composition of the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. This civilization laid the foundation for Hindu religious and philosophical traditions.

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